Below you can find information about WEB site page examples and details.

About the Content of the Home Page

Menu titles to be used for the promotion of your pet will be on the main page. Information text about your pet, what you want to explain about life with him, what you want to see in the photo and video galleries, and the information required for communication with you will be included under the appropriate menu headings.

On the main page, there should be a photo about your pet that will best describe it. You can describe your acquaintance with him and your feelings for him in a textual context and talk about his features. You can share information about his favorite features, his daily life.

You can use the text presented on the site as an example. ''Bella, It has all the characteristics of the Labrador breed, is calm, friendly,has a great sense of smell, a strong learning ability, a lover of children, a strong sense of intuition, a high sense of jealousy for its owner and the joy of our home. Bella, entered our lives when she were 3 months old in 2016; It changed all our lives, broke our taboos and made us wonder why we have never had such a beautiful creature before. She's a psychologist, therapist, and angel of our home. We wish you have an angel who confirms and strengthens what she wants with his bark, who speaks with her eyes like ours, and mostly warns with her paw and tears your hands off your job with her head and wants an answer to her interest''.

You can create an album by putting the photos about your pet side by side and make your friends and visitors happy.

Do not make you think about the communication options to receive the messages of your friends and site visitors, to get in touch and to make new friends. Your site is not a problem, but ready-made solutions will be found.

Photo Gallery

You can put a certain number of selected photos about your pet that you want to share.

The photos to be put here are linked to the general photo gallery. When you tap on the photo, you can enlarge it and view the general photo gallery directly using the icons on it. You can add a description of a few words about the picture under each photo.

How should the photos be ?

If dog photos are chosen as an example pet, keep in mind that we have designed WEB for all kinds of pets. The most important thing to note for photographs is that they have high resolution. It should make you and your friends happy and be worth the effort.


You can put a certain number of selected videos about your pet that you want to share.

In order to show the effect of video visuality on the WEB site, we have prepared three examples below. For your videos, an account will be opened for your pet on youtube and broadcast from there. Videos on Youtube will also be displayed on your WEB site.

In addition, we have taken into consideration the general philosophy column at the bottom of all WEB pages, the ease of access to the menus within the site and the design of the environment that will provide you with easy access.

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