One of the most important pages of your website; It is the page under the "Life With Your Pet" menu.

On this page, you can share all your feelings and experiences with your pet.

How did you meet your pet? What you can learn about your pet's past. What living together brings you and even your pet. What actions affect you the most. What are its favorite things? What can be your positive messages to people, such as what changes in your life? What it likes the most. Who are its favorite friends. What makes you happy the most in this friendship.e.t.c.

They are the most beautiful living representatives of unrequited love and loyalty.



Under the ''Life with Your Pets'' menu you can tell all your memories about them in a text. This way, people visiting your site can learn more about your pet. On the other hand, pet lovers can enjoy having similar experiences. Many people who abstain from domesticated may want to overcome these feelings and have a pet. By adopting a pet, they can enrich their spirits and color their lives.

We have created an example that we can use for the text you will prepare for your pets. This example can help reveal your feelings. You can write much better. You can make a great contribution to getting to know and love them better and to live our lives more colorfully and to be united. Moreover, while preparing this text, you can realize that the love you feel for your pet has increased even more. However, apart from the well-known domesticated ones, there are also those who adopt pets that most of us don't know about. It can be aware of their existence, learn about them, and give us the richness of loving living things without prejudice. The ''Life With Your Pets'' menu is very important for this.


Life With Bella

We saw him by accidentaly when she was only three months old. Since our friends knew that we wanted to have a pet, they informed us through the veterinarian who gave birth to Bella and her brothers. During our visit to see the Labrador brothers, she was playing with his 4 brothers. We learned that they are 13 siblings, 12 of them are dark brown and male, and only Bella is white and female. We chose the white and female one and named it Bella.
She came to our house after the veterinary examination and her first vaccinations. She never felt unfamiliar and never looked back, from that date to todays we are living together. Bella is, as the little baby of our home.
We have a baby full of love and energy that wakes up with her paw stroke every morning. It is the greatest pleasure to wake up with her paws, take a morning stroll, share breakfast and play with her toys after eating her food. Just like waking up at the same time every morning.
Every evening when she wants to go out, she comes first and stands in front of you and stares at your eyes. You must understand that she wants to tell you take me out. If you do not notice, this time, she lifts her right foot and looks. This time, if you don't notice, it starts to bark, looking at your face. This situation is like this for every day and it does not change.
The desire to go out at around 20.30 every evening repeats. If you say let's go outside; to confirm it, she is begining barking wıth bounces and turns around. This is a joyful statement that she has told you about her problem. He goes to bed and sleeps after this last need break. Of course, sharing our bed together, snoring at our feet. The next morning we wake up again with a paw stroke. Again the baby is cheerful, energetic and full of life.
It is a great blessing to have her come across. I think we didn't choose her, she chose us.

Wouldn't it be good for your pet to have a website?

The 21st century is the Age of Communication. As Pet Lovers, we can introduce our friends using the facilities provided by the internet and show how much we really are.

We can show how owning a pet increases the happiness of pets and we can prepare the environment for more people to have a pet.

Even if we are not with our pets, we can access their most valuable images on the web and meet our aspirations a little.

We can better explain the peace and happiness of having a pet. In this way, we can provide an environment for more people to have pets.

We can further enliven our soul and make our lives more colorful.

We can help each other by sharing our experiences.

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